When organising our wedding in Majorca we faced the problem of finding a local DJ who we could entrust to deliver the party we wanted. After a lot of searching we came up short, eventually having to pay a premium to fly in a DJ from London then separately organise all the kit from local, non-English speaking suppliers. Whilst it turned out to be an amazing party we felt that there could have been a lot less stress, organisation and time spent had there been a local, reliable one-stop shop who could supply music, sound and lights.

In 2015 we quit our jobs in London and moved to the South of France. We created Wildfire DJs to ensure that anyone coming to the region to get married or organising an event could have the perfect party without the stress. Since then we’ve worked at over 500 events in the region catering to all ages, nationalities and musical tastes who all have the same requirement – to get the dancefloor on fire. We’ve built an amazing team of DJs who share in our passion not just for music but for delighting customers as shown through the Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award for Best Wedding DJ Service in France” which we have won for the last 4 years.

Nick & Lisa

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Our DJs speak English as a first language and are hugely experienced at every type of event. They are all ego-free, friendly and professional; and guaranteed to bring your event to life. Your DJ will guide you through the planning process helping to ensure that the everything is effortless.


A true maestro of the turntables with an impressive two-decade reign in the music industry, Brent Anthony started his career at heart of the European music scene, lighting up dance floors of Greece’s and Ibiza’s legendary dancefloors. He has played at a wide range of venues around the UK, playing alongside some of the largest names in the industry such as Martin Garrix, Duke Dumont and Rudimental to name just a few. As well as his many regular slots around the North East of England, Brent has also held residencies at luxury resorts and hotels in the Maldives, Doha and Qatar, catering to high end clientele and celebrities. With a wealth of experience of international clients, styles, moods and genres Brent is able to switch easily between different music genres such as commercial, R&B, house and everything in between. Dynamic, versatile, and flexible, DJ Brent is a true master of his craft.

Languages: English


Originally from Plymouth, Louis is a highly skilled open format DJ with over 13 years of experience in the industry. His passion for music and his extensive music collection have made him a highly sought after DJ across the London club scene having built up a reputation in central hotspots Le Fez, Tiger Tiger, Junkyard and The Piccadilly Institute. Louis' commitment to his craft is evident in his ability to read the room and create a unique experience for each audience, consistently delivering original playlists that keep the party going all night long. His unbridled passion, professionalism, and assurance to create an amazing party ensures he delivers an electrifying atmosphere on the dance floor every time he steps behind the decks.

Languages: English


Vash, a master of musical fusion, seamlessly blends genres and eras to create unforgettable experiences on the dance floor. With a keen ear for what moves the crowd, Vash crafts sets that mix house, garage and hip-hop beats with electronic grooves, classic disco hits, underground tracks and commercial favourites. Hailing from East London, Vash has rocked clubs, festivals, and private events worldwide, in the UAE, Thailand, Malaysia, Cambodia and Greece learning new genres and musical tastes in every location. His ability to read the room and deliver exactly what the crowd desires has earned him a reputation as a go-to DJ for any party, whether it’s a wedding, an exclusive private event, a lounge party or high energy club, Vash brings a passion for music and a dedication to his craft that shines through in every performance.

Languages: English


With a love for music running through his veins from birth, Jamal, is a talented DJ, regularly seen and heard across the Cote d'Azur and in the ski resorts of the Alps. At the tender age of 12 Jamal was given his DJ decks with some records by his DJ dad and has never looked back. He uses his old-school influences and blends them with modern trends, which never fails to please a crowd. His passion for the music flows through his open-format DJ sets, which take in all genres to ensure that the crowd hears what will make them hit the dancefloor and stay there, whether it be rap, RnB, house, old school, commercial or anything in between. Known as much for his energy, enthusiasm and personability as he is for his DJ sets Jamal ensures that every partygoer he plays for leaves with a huge smile.

Languages: English & French


Bristol-born DJ Tom started his career in the music industry organising and DJing at parties whilst studying a degree in music production. Tom has since gone on to perform at clubs, festivals, weddings and other private events right across Europe. Whether he’s playing intimate venues to 50 people or super-clubs to a few thousand, he is an expert at reading a crowd and seamlessly mixing between any and every genre. Over the Winter months he is a regular in the London scene performing at over 40 venues across the city. In the Summer he is resident of the South of France serving the private events market. Tom’s passion for all types of music, his seamless mixing no matter what the genre, his professionalism and his amenable nature make him a hit at every event that he graces the decks.

Languages: English


Born in Camden Town, London, DJ Mat grew up inspired by the sounds, scenes and rhythms of the city’s multicultural roots. With a deep love of music of all genres, Mat’s diverse work as a DJ, producer, broadcaster, recording engineer and musician have shaped his unique ability to cherry pick the finest tunes from his incredibly diverse library. He has DJ'd for parties and events all over London and more recently around the hotspots of Aix-en-Provence where he now resides. With his ears finely tuned to each client's requests, Mat is able to curate and customise playlists for any occasion. Mat brings his own unique sense of energy, love and good vibes to his DJ sets that will keep you smiling and moving to the beat!

Languages: English & French


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